About BeeHive

We are entering our 15th season and are very excited about the beekeeping season this year. We are currently running our farm in Cranbury, New Jersey. Building all of our own woodenware in the woodshop on the farm. We also have 25 of our own beehives located on the farm. We are a ‘one stop shopping beekeeping supplier’. Teaching beekeeeping classes and having workshops thorugh out the summer is very beneficial to the ‘bee-ginners’.

We sell our own honey which is a very popular with our customers who continue to compliment us on the quality. We grow only “all natural” herbs, vegetables, cut flowers for bokays, perennials, etc.

We will continue to grow and add new things to our farm every year. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. If there is a workshop that you are looking for, we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. Please come and visit us soon. We look forward to meeting you and are hoping to make this our best year yet!!!



Useful properties of honey

  • regulates metabolic processes
  • increases immunity
  • honey improves blood composition
  • helps to cope with insomnia
  • gives energy to the body, restores strength
What we do

Our services

BeeHive Barn produce local raw fresh honey through natural methods (no pesticides) and sustainable practices, BeeHive Barn supports healthy bee colonies and provides high quality honey and honeycomb to customers.