We DO NOT Ship Live Bees…….

Once the bees are in the customer’s hand, we cannot control the environment or management styles which could possibly cause the hive to die. It is not uncommon for a new package to abscond, which means once they are installed, they completely leave the hive and fly away. Again, this is the customer’s loss and we cannot replace or refund packages that die. There are too many variables and individual management styles and environmental stresses that are beyond our control.

$65.00 Cancelation Fee for all Live Package & Nuc Bee orders.

** When installing a package. Check and see if queen bee is alive and moving in her cage. If she is DEAD call the BeeHive Barn LLC ASAP. 609-395-7758. If installing a package and the queen bee flies away the BeeHive Barn LLC WILL NOT replace. We buy our package bees from Georgia, so we have no control on the mating of the queens. All we can do is believe what we are told, and that is ‘Queen bees are mated and ready to lay eggs’. The BeeHive Barn LLC will only replace a dead queen as soon as you install the package.